In the winter months, floors in commercial buildings suffer lots of wear and tear. And this damage can often happen in very prominent places, such as the front door. And of course, every business wants to make a great first impression, so this is a good place to focus your winter cleaning efforts.

Your business may have very unique needs during the cold months. This will depend on your climate, current winter conditions, and your floor type. Protection is the best course of action – and much cheaper than restoration! Here are some steps you can take to protect your floors this winter:

Add Mats

Put additional mats in entryways to keep debris, salt and moisture from being tracked in. Also, cover both exterior and interior mats with an ice melt neutralizing solution. This should prevent residue from being tracked onto interior floors.

Mop and auto-scrub more often

On harsh winter days, when snow, ice and salt can be easily tracked in, it is important to be more consistent about cleaning exposed floors. Use mops that will help capture and remove moisture.

Take stock of your cleaning products

Be sure you have plenty of the correct types of products for cleaning floors. The product should be able to clean up salt residue. Also, be sure you are frequently cleaning your equipment. Salt can damage the machinery. 

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Even though you may have an increased floor cleaning schedule in the winter, don’t neglect the other parts of your building. 

Customized Floor Care by System4

Finding the right help to take proper care of their floors can be difficult. System4 can help you create a customized floor care plan for all types of floors.  If your flooring needs a little more attention from neglect or just continual wear and tear, System4 can coordinate more substantial restoration services – strip and wax, refinish, repair, etc. Contact System4 today to learn more about Floor Care Services.

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