As cooler weather approaches in North Georgia, it’s the perfect time to inspect your HVAC system. A properly tuned and efficient system will be one of your most important “workers” as the cold months begin. If you are a property manager, we recommend that you do maintenance and repairs now, before it gets too cold.  Here are six things to check before you have to begin operating the furnace for the winter:

  1. Clear debris and overgrowth near the exterior heat pump unit. As leaves begin to fall and summer vegetation dies off, this is a great way to keep things running well.
  2. Fire up the system and make sure it is operational. Check for odors and noises. Also, be sure it is heating the building properly. 
  3. Ensure that the air filters have been changed. Continue to change them at least every three months. We recommend you change them more often if the system is running constantly.
  4. Monitor the HVAC system throughout the winter. Watch out for higher than normal energy costs. Listen out for customer and employee complaints. Check the system for moisture or loud noises. 
  5. If your building needs a new HVAC unit, fall is a good time to make that switch. That is because moderate temperatures will keep the building comfortable while the repairs and upgrades are completed.
  6. Fall is also a great time to winterize your building. Replace and upgrade weather stripping, sealing cracks and checking pipes for drips and leaks. 

Partner with System4

We know that your business depends on warm air to keep your employees and guests comfortable and productive during the winter. So before the cold weather gets here, inspect your HVAC system. And if you’re understaffed, System4 Facilities Services Management is your one-point-of-contact for all facility service needs. Our large network of vetted, experienced service providers are prepared to handle any facility type. We create customized solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

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