Spots, spills and stains. They can leave a poor first impression of your business, school, or commercial building. However, early response helps reduce the incidence of permanent blemishes. And, keeps your facility carpet looking fresh and clean.

Spot vs. Stain

The difference between a spot and a stain is about 24 hours, CleanLink says. Spots and spills that are treated quickly are easier to clean. But, the longer a spot sits, the more it will be more challenging it will be to remove.

How Often Should You Check for a Spot or Stain? 

Commercial carpeting is a big investment. You can help prolong its life cycle and keep it looking attractive by inspecting the carpet daily. And, treating and cleaning spots and stains as quickly as possible.

What Is an Ideal Routine Carpet Maintenance Program? 

  • Prevent – Use interior and exterior entrance mats to remove 90% of dirt from the shoes of employees and visitors. 
  • Daily Vacuum & Inspection – Regular carpet cleaning, especially in high traffic areas, removes debris and dirt and prevents it from grinding into fibers. Also, spot check all areas and treat new spots quickly.
  • Interim Carpet Cleaning – Interim carpet cleaning is performed less frequently than daily, but should be planned often for high traffic areas.
  • Periodic Deep Carpet Cleaning – Restorative maintenance, deep cleaning, should be done twice a year to  remove embedded dirt and soil.

How to Treat the Spot or Stain

Keep a wide variety of chemicals in your arsenal for accidents. Follow the manufacturer instructions to help prevent stain reappearance and to ensure that you are handling the chemical safely. 

Need Advice? Contact System4 Georgia

If you are concerned about whether you are using the right chemical for your carpet cleaning needs or the proper equipment for a periodic deep cleaning, consult System4 Facility Services Management. System4 specializes in creating customized janitorial programs that meet the unique needs of businesses just like yours!

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