Many schools are closing to students again because of the pandemic. So, this may be a great time to perform bigger maintenance projects. With the halls empty of students and teachers, now is the opportunity for deep cleans, repairs and routine maintenance. Here is a list of ideas for projects to take up while the students are out.

Floor Maintenance

Floors take a beating during the regular school year. Big floor projects are difficult when the building is occupied, so now is the best time for cleaning and protecting them. This includes deep carpet cleaning, resealing tile and concrete floors, and replacing damaged components. 

Window Maintenance

Windows are constantly getting smudged and damaged during a regular school year. With students working from home, this would be a great time to clean, repair and replace them. 

Deep Cleaning Surfaces

Tabletops, counters and bathroom surfaces get wiped down during the year, but now is the time to do the job more thoroughly! According to the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting are important everyday actions schools can take to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. 

HVAC Systems

Filters and ducts should be inspected, updated and cleaned. 

Fire Safety and Emergency Alert Systems

Equipment and systems should be inspected and tested.

Security Systems

Worn or outdated equipment should be replaced if necessary.

System4 Georgia – Let’s Keep Our Schools Clean and Safe

Well maintained systems are key to school building maintenance. And, it’s important for the development, health and safety of students and faculty. System4 Facilities Services Management can help make this process less stressful, reduce overall costs and improve efficiencies. System4 is an industry leader in commercial cleaning and disinfection, repair and maintenance programs. We specialize in creating customized janitorial and repair and maintenance programs to fit the unique needs of your facility. Contact System4 today to learn more about commercial cleaning, disinfecting and repair and maintenance programs.

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