Office cleaning is one of the most tedious jobs there can be a for a business but let’s face it the job has to be done.  If your finances prohibit you from being able to hire a professional cleaning service, then you can choose to have onsite staff take care of the job.  To that extent, we would like to offer a few tips that might make the procedure quicker and easier to get done.

The first is to assemble your cleaning products and supplies. Although some businesses may vary in the supplies that will be needed, the most common ones are mops, buckets, cleaners, rags, sponges, and microfiber cloths.

If your office is one that prefers a “green” approach, make sure your cleaners are formulated with this approach in mind.

When it comes to cleaning the electronics in your office, microfiber cloths are definitely the way to go. They are soft enough so they will not scratch the computer screens and engineered to grab and hold onto the dust particles. And, let’s face it, we all know how dusty electronics will get.

It is suggested to clean electronics when they are turned off to get the best results. Also, of note is not to use any type of glass cleaners as they are prone to, over time, strip the anti-glare surface off your screen.  For cleaning the keys, a cotton ball or q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol works wonders.

When cleaning other parts of the office, give the desks, cabinets and shelving units a good dusting, as well as making sure to polish the wood surfaces of desks, tables, and chairs.  It is recommended that the telephones and items like calculators be wiped with a microfiber cloth that has been spray with a disinfecting spray.

Areas that are usually forgotten by those who do their own office cleaning are vents, window sills, door jams and overhead fans.  These areas are very prone to accumulating dust and should be included in your cleaning routine.

Next, make sure all the trash is removed from the trash cans and give the carpet a good vacuuming. If the office has hardwood floors, proceed to go over them with a wet mop using cleaners designed to provide the best results.

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