Fitness Facilities took a hit in the year 2020. And, bouncing back means making sure your clients get a sparkling clean experience. So, it is important for fitness facility managers to develop a strategy that makes clients and staff feel safe. If you manage a fitness facility, here are five, high-level, fitness center cleaning procedures to follow.


The CDC offers a reopening guide and easy toolkit to help you determine the most important surfaces to clean and disinfect. It is also good to research what disinfection products meet EPA criteria and can be used against COVID-19. 


Create a plan for your staff to follow that includes all of your new cleaning protocols. Keep in mind that this will probably not be a short term plan. Assess whether or not the additional cleaning and disinfecting will be something your current staff can handle or if you need to seek other solutions, such as a commercial cleaning company. 

Stock Up

Make sure to have an adequate supply of cleaning products and EPA-Approved Disinfectants on hand. Be sure your staff knows how to use the products correctly!


You, your staff and custodial team will need to be trained on your new cleaning and disinfecting protocols. Also, help them understand the difference between cleaning, stanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing.


Some of your clients are nervous about reentering your business. Communicating the steps you are taking to clean and disinfect your facility will help ease their concerns. Make phone calls and announce changes on social media, websites, in-house signs and newsletters. 

Need Help? Contact System4

When in doubt, an experienced professional cleaning company can help. System4 is an industry leader in commercial cleaning and disinfecting. And we have over over 100 years of experience. System4 works closely with fitness facilities nationwide. We customize fitness center cleaning procedures with disinfecting programs to meet the unique needs of each facility. Contact System4 today to learn about customized cleaning and disinfecting programs.

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