One of the many facets of building maintenance is correct staffing. Depending on your building needs, you may want to hire custodians, janitors or porters. However, a facilities management company may just offer the best of all options. Here is an overview of the options. 


A custodian is in charge of taking care of a building. Their scope can be diverse, ranging from repairs, to cleaning, to scheduled maintenance. Hiring for this position can be difficult. That’s because the candidate must be competent in a range of different areas. Also, they need to be able to work independently and juggle multiple tasks. Skillful custodians are in high demand and difficult to find.


A janitor is focused mainly on building cleaning. They often work in teams to clean, disinfect, remove trash, and keep up the building. Janitorial crews often work off-hours, so they do not disrupt normal operations. Because the skill set is not as demanding, positions might be easy to fill, but difficult to retain. That is because they often work at multiple places and because they have to work such odd hours. 


Porters work during office hours. They assist with operations, maintain cleanliness, make coffee, check in visitors, and many other various tasks. This position is in higher demand now because of a greater disinfecting burden placed on business because of COVID-19. A porter’s tasks may include disinfection of high touch point areas. 

Facilities Management Company

Many companies find what they need in the three positions listed above. But, there is another option. Contract a facilities services management company that can manage all of your cleaning and maintenance needs. 

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System4 is a national facilities services management company with over 65 locations nationwide. We specialize in commercial cleaning, disinfection, repair and maintenance services. Our vast network of experienced, vetted service providers is well prepared to meet the needs of your unique building. 

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